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The KINEF VU METER MK1 is an ultra light LED based VU Meter.

The KVUM MK1, just as the KSC MK1, are the perfect companion to the KMAS MK1 sound system, being ultra light can be broung anywhere. The KVUM MK1 is daisychained between audio sounce (ex: KSC MK1) and audioi load (ex: KMAS MK1).


  1. Signal inputs/Output:
    • LINE IN (RCA connector @ 100k Ohm)
  2. Power Input:
    • Universal input 100 ~ 250VAC | 50/60Hz | 15W
  3. Calibration VU:
    • 0VU = +4dBu = 1.228Vrms
  4. Construction material
    • PETG (Glossy finger print magnet)
  5. Dimensions (W – H – D)
    • 196mm
    • 58mm
    • 70mm
  6. Mass
    • 250kg

Care Instructions

Lightly clean with damp cloth or use micro fiber cloth.

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