Well, where do I even start with this. 

The idea of Kinef Designs started all the way back in 2012 with my studies to become a sound technician in Barcelona. I had that one teacher, a veteran in the live sound industry that gave us a course in acoustics and acoustic enclosure design and after that course I knew that what I wanted is to design acoustic enclosures since I basically spend my day listening to music. 

Although after some deep conversations with my teacher, I was highly encouraged to continue evolving my career by enrolling into electrical engineering, and basically this is how I ended in Eindhoven, what I would call the Silicon Valley of Europe.

Nevertheless, after graduating, very quickly realized that designing electronics is one thing, and manufacturing them was a totally different thing. And thus, ended deviating from my dream of building acoustic enclosures and ended working for a world tech giant by designing parts of the Photolithography Machine which produces the world cutting edge Integrated Circuits.

After five years on that ban wagon, learned so much regarding electrical engineering, design techniques, manufacturing and manufacturability, mechanical design, ended expanding to new fronters with high speed design, old technologies, out of the box design and etc.
Which in addition to some life low points, ended finding myself at moment of space and time where one tells themselves: "If I don't do this now, I will never do it.", and ended leaving a stable job so chase that dream that sparked in my soul more than 10 years ago.

So, here I am, walking a path that I don't where it will lead. I know what I want, however, I am not sure if others see what I see.
I acknowledge the fact that I am trying to open a huge gate within a very closed industry, I acknowledge the fact that the products are expensive in comparison to competitors, nevertheless, I am striving to bring to people a practical, minimalist, sustainable and ethical musical experience. Additionally, all the designs, I am using them in my home myself since I have more of a mentality: "Why buy it when I can build it.".

Thus, I hope you enjoy your favourite music, as much as I enjoy designing and building the devices that allow adding a soundtrack to your life.