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KINEF ACTIVE SPAKER MK1 is a stereo set of two way active speakers with extensive and easily selectable input sources.

Speaker combination can be:

  1. MS: Right speaker acts as master and left one as slave. Only an XLR cable interconnects them.
  2. DS: Both speakers act as slave, thus an external audio interface/sound card.


  1. Signal inputs
    • Line In @10kOhm
      • Stereo (RCA connector) with MS configuration
      • Mono (TS connector) with DS configuration
    • USB 96kHz/24bit (USB-C connector)
      • Only available with MS configuration
    • Bluetooth 4.2 48kHz/16bit
      • Only available with MS configuration
  2. Power inputs
    • 100-250 VAC / 50-60 Hz / 75W
  3. Outputs
    • Woofer: 25W
    • Tweeter: 15W
  4. Features
    • Analog active crossover
    • Class-D output power stage
    • Old school power toggle switch (no standby power)
    • Front panel power LED indicator
    • Front panel source select switch
  5. Construction material
    • MDF
    • PETG
  6. Dimensions (W – H – D)
    • 380mm
    • 195mm
    • 285mm
  7. Mass per unit
    • 7.1kg

Care Instructions

Lightly clean with damp cloth or use micro fiber cloth.

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