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KINEF ACTIVE SPAKER MK1 is a stereo set of two way active speakers with extensive and easily selectable input sources, designed to be mid fields monitor.

The KAS MK1 sound will smack you in your face, with the back hand, like a disrespectful step daddy, and will sit you down on your chair and will make you question your life choices. The KAS MK1 is the ideas setup for the home music producer, vibing with its homies, and the music is flowing just like the liquor.

Speaker combination can be:

  1. MS: Audio interface (Master) and two active spekers (Slave), interconnecting with only two XLR cables.
  2. DS: Only the two active speakers, without the audio interface.


  1. Signal input Master
    • Line In @10kOhm
      • Stereo (RCA connector)
    • Phono In
      • Stereo (RCA connector)
    • USB 96kHz/24bit
      • USB-C connector
    • Bluetooth 4.2 48kHz/16bit
  2. Signal utput Master
    • Balance Out
      • Mono (XLR connector)
  3. Signal input Slave
    • Balance In
      • Mono (XLR connector)
  4. Power inputs
    • 100-250 VAC / 50-60 Hz / 75W
  5. Outputs
    • Woofer: 25W
    • Tweeter: 15W
  6. Features
    • Analog active crossover
    • Class-D output power stage
    • Old school power toggle switch (no standby power)
    • Front panel power LED indicator
    • Front panel source select switch
  7. Construction material
    • MDF
    • PETG
  8. Dimensions (W – H – D)
    • 380mm
    • 195mm
    • 285mm
  9. Mass per unit
    • 7.1kg

Care Instructions

Lightly clean with damp cloth or use micro fiber cloth.

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